These days you can find many .io games in the internet. is one of the online multiplayer games which are accessible through internet. It’s all about kicking your rivals off the stage. At the end, the one manages to be the last man standing wins the game. You can play a team match or single match with your friends and foes across the world. It supports up to eight players at a time. Unblocked Features

Want to play on your own designs? You can create your own map by the help of in-game level editor and play bonkio unblocked on those designs. You can use the maps and stuffs uploaded by others or you can upload your stuffs in the servers through the community.

Controls and clues Unblocked Unblocked

Here you can learn the basic controls and some clues about how to play the game.

  1. Like in almost all the games, you can use the arrows to move around the map pushing others.
  2. If you want to make things tough for the enemies, you can press the button “X” on the keyboard. By pressing the button you can be heavier. Since you get heavy other players will not be able to push you around and you will be less navigable.

Extra Features in bonkio unblocked game

Want to play immediately? Join a game by using the quick play feature. Once you use the quick play you will be placed in the middle of an ongoing game. Since this is a developing game, it is updated with new features. So be sure to check the updates and upgrades.